Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X.
There really wasn’t much question which laser hair removal product belonged at the top of our rankings. The Tria has been around longer than its competitors, it was the first LHR system approved by the FDA as safe and effective for home use, and it uses the same technology (laser diode) that pros use in the salons which charge big bucks for a full series of laser treatments.

Automatic Lock if Skin Tone is Too Dark

Groom+Style wouldn’t go as far as saying that any machine (of any type) is idiot-proof, but Tria does all it can to make sure this laser is used properly. We’ve already mentioned that most lasers won’t work on dark-toned skin; the 4X makes certain that it’s appropriate for your skin tone with a built-in skin sensor. If it’s safe for you, the machine beeps and unlocks. Otherwise, the Tria stays locked and you won’t be allowed to use it.

Easy to Use Digital Interface

Once you have the go-ahead (and have read the instructions to know what you’re doing), there’s a terrific digital user interface on the 4X which helps you select one of five strength settings (starting low is a good idea) and counts the number of laser pulses you’ve administered during the session (the instructions explain the proper number of pulses required for each area).

Cordless and Ergonomic

We like that the Tria machine operates cordlessly and is ergonomically designed to be maneuvered easily. The size of the laser head is more of a mixed bag; it’s small so it can be used to accurately target areas like the bikini line, but that also means it takes longer to work on larger areas like the leg.

That actually didn’t bother us, since laser hair removal isn’t a quickie procedure like shaving. When it’s going to take a few months to do the number of treatments required to get rid of all stubborn hair, taking things gradually shouldn’t really be an issue.

Finite Number of Flashes – No Replacement Cartridge

One major difference between the 4X and most competitors is that there’s no cartridge to replace, meaning virtually no maintenance is required. However, that convenience comes with a price of sorts; once you’ve “used up” the laser flashes stored in the machine, it becomes a very expensive doorstop.

With a capacity of 90,000 flashes the Tria should last at least a few years, but after that you’ll need to purchase a new unit. On the other hand, the average laser cartridge only provides about 1000-5000 flashes, so you’d have to buy as many as 90 cartridges for that machine (at around $25 each) to match the reserve of the 4X.

How Good Is the Hair Removal With the Tria 4X?

The one thing we haven’t mentioned yet are results, and this machine provides them. In the first few weeks there should be small signs that the treatments are working; in 2-3 months the areas that have been treated will be much less dense than they used to be as hair re-growth is lessened and the hair that does re-grow is lighter; after that the treated follicles should stop growing new hair completely, only requiring touchups from that point forward.

Quite simply, the 4X does exactly what it’s supposed to do, effectively removing hair for the long term at a price way below the cost of professional treatments and better than the competition – probably because this machine really does use laser light rather than IPL technology.

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